"Curio - a strange and interesting object that evokes curiosity"

This description certainly applies to the collection of items detailed here. Welcome to the Dan Green Codex very own cabinet of curiosities!

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Who's that knocking on the Door?

The door knocker at the main temple of the Rose Croix (The Ancient and Accepted Rite of Freemasonry), Duke Street St James, London.

Looks familiar? It's tempting to say, now why should they be using this fellow if its not to draw attention to Lincoln Cathedral and its secrets?

If you'd like to know more please check out the full article at World Mysteries

Froggie Went A-Cutting

Hiding within Lincoln Cathedral, spot this suicidal frog!

Again, an unexplained re-appearance of the dagger.

beziers dog beziers dog

In Dog We Trust

After Pope Innocent III declared a crusade to eliminate Catharism in the Languedoc in 1209,  the town of Bezier was slaughtered on the Feast day of Mary Magdalene.

Here in the church at Bezier, what anomaly do we find on the stain glass?



Set In Stone


Let us examine the work of established stone sculptor Michael Dan Archer who has worked on an international basis for over 25 years.


While working on a particular piece he innocently placed this particular sarcophagus shaped work facing the concluding 'X' marks the spot of The Lincoln Cathedral Code, years before Dan revealed it.






The Secret

In 2009 Michael told Dan of his interest in the subconscious, its role in creativity and of how many of his sculptures come to him in dreams.

What did he choose to call this one? ...'The Secret'




The Map

In 1993 at the time of him doing exhibition work at the Cathedral, Michael came up with another, which he titled 'The Map'.

Perhaps it is... another unconscious connection with the Magdalene?



Lightning Dalek Tor

Lightning strikes Lincoln in 1994.

It gets even more bizarre.
Who's that at the top of (perhaps guarding) Glastonbury Tor?

With the Collective Unconscious at work again, read about this seemingly innocent encounter within the pages of 'Activation Point Earth'.


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no infringement intended.


Jerusalem Stone

In The Eye Of The Beholder

Four years ago an acquaintance of Dans with the initials of MM was visiting Jerusalem.

Dan intuitively asked him if he would bring back any small stone.

He did, and this was the one he picked up at random, without knowing the strange feature awaiting him (and Dan) on the obverse side.

People see different things in it. What do you see?



The Tomb of the Unnamed Woman - A red herring?

The week 'The Da Vinci Code' movie was being filmed within Lincoln Cathedral, workmen digging electrical cable to provide power for the indoor lighting made a startling discovery in the lawned area in front of the South East corner of the South west Transept between the corporation paving and the Cathedral wall.

Exposed in a deep wide trench lay a coffin containing several small bone fragments of a woman whose skull was missing.

Not only did Cathedral archaeologists concede that the unexpected find was in a very unusual place, but no further information was forthcoming other than nobody had ever known or had any record of the burial or person and that the tomb dated as 14/15th century.

Apparently, it had once previously been disturbed some time in the sixties when a main cable was being installed, but its significance ignored and recovered over without fuss.

In August 2005, discreet reports only mentioned that no lid had been found and the remains, after examination, put into a small container and reburied where found. Was this a deliberate 'red herring' in the search for a nearby precious artefact now thought to be only a short distance away in the burial grounds of St Margaret, who was martyred by beheading?


Bruer Weirdness

One for the Psychics

This picture was taken some years ago of Dan Green sitting on the steps of Temple Bruer.

Although the conditions were normal when it was taken, the developed photograph shows a bit of a milky-white light depletion and some sort of image appears to manifest, third step down, looking, perhaps, dagger-like.

Further along away to the left some sort of 'ectoplasmic blob' is visible at about Dan's feet level.

Your guess is as good as ours.









Jerusalem Jerusalem

And was Jerusalem builded here

Well, not the one in the Middle East, more the East Midlands.

Welcome to the curiously named small village of Jerusalem.

Located a mere 3 miles west of Lincoln Cathedral, this is the only village such named in the entire British Isles.

To quote the famous poem "And did these feet in ancient time" by William Blake:

I will not cease from Mental Fight, Nor shall my Sword sleep in my hand, Till we have built Jerusalem, In England's green & pleasant Land

Evidently someone took this very much to heart.


Folly Folly

Folly at Bruer

Undoubtably the work of the Collective Unconscious, this rather strange folly faces Temple Bruer.

Only one - metal - draw actually opens.

Are we being 'drawn' to Bruer to find something metal?







The Sword in the Stonework

Shortly after revealing that the corresponding star in the heavens matching Lincoln Cathedral on the ground is Arcturus - home of the name 'Arthur' and consequently the Arthurian legends including the Knights of the Round Table and the search for the Grail.

With this in mind, what merchandise suddenly starts turning up in the Cathedral shop?









Our Ladybirds of Lincoln

Some years ago when two psychics gathered at the Lincoln Cathedral Code Marker Tomb, ladybirds suddenly appeared out of nowhere and kept landing until they covered almost the entire tomb, with not one single ladybird to be seen anywhere else within the burial grounds.

Authoress Claire Nahmad said she experienced pretty much the same thing when she first visited the Tennyson statue.

This pic isn't from that occasion, but it looks as if a few are sounding it out. Strange stuff.

Copyright Budby at Flickr

Done Up Like a Dogs Supper

It would seem that mans best friend had a place at the table even in biblical times. The following pictures show the canine influence on the last supper:

Top Row: 1 and 2. Dog on Platter - Murcia Cathedral   |   3. Dog at Last Supper.   |   4. Last Supper, Goltzius- Hendrik 1558

Bottom Row:  1. Last Supper, Bassano.  |   2. Last Supper, Jacopo Bassano.  |   3.Last Supper, Tintoretto 1571

Dog Dog Dog Dog
Dog Dog Dog

Chaplin Chaplin

The Chaplin in the Cathedral

In recent years authoress Patrice Chaplin, who was married to a son of English world-wide icon and silent film actor Charlie Chaplin, has written two books about Rennes-le-Chateau. Curiously, his coffin was stolen from a Swiss cemetery in 1978 before being found in a field a mile away from the family home eleven weeks later.

However, the Chaplin link was made with the Lincoln Cathedral Code way back in 1964 when the Collective Unconscious brought Charlie and his wife Oohna to visit the Cathedral as shown in these rare pix from Dan Green's Archive.

In the same way that 'Lincolnshire' has the abbreviation 'Lincs' (equals 'Links'), the name Chaplin reveals, - C hap LIN = 'LINC' = 'Link'

In 1876 the body of Abraham LINCOLN was almost stolen when thieves were caught in the act having the coffin out of the sarcophagus, thus the connections begin to look like this; Chaplin stolen, Lincoln intended stolen - was the body of Mary Magdalene also stolen rather than being removed to a safer resting place?



The Face of Darkness

It is thought that a rectangular stone panel carving high up at the West face of the tower at the parish church of St Peter-in-Gowts in Lincoln.

Originally thought to represent either Christ or St Peter is, instead, of Arimanius, the seated winged Mithraic god of the dark, and that there may have been a Roman cult dedicated to him perhaps as far back at 1st-4th century.

Has the Collective Unconscious carried on this image of 'The dark one' by way of ensuring the memory was not entirely forgotten, thus providing Lincoln Cathedral with its own dark entity, the Imp?









Alien Lincoln

An eagle eyed codex supporter spotted this in a DVD shop.

Could the similarities between the two pictures be an allusion by the Collective Unconscious to otherworldly goings on in Abrahams namesake city?


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Light at the End of the Portal

In Spring 2011 celebrated Lincolnshire artist Martin Griffiths presented his 'First Light' exhibition at Lincoln Cathedral - a sequence of 7 arch-framed Portals with horizontal lights facing a centrally located vertical light line rising from a tall stand.

Following in the footsteps of stone sculptor Michael Dan Archer's 'Portal' and 'Between Two Worlds', it seems the Collective Unconscious is at it again, ensuring that a Portal connection is never far away.'

First 4 images are by Richard Deveraux, followed by 'Between two Worlds'

Light Light Light Light Light








The Pulpit and the Pendulum

In April 2015 the physicists' Foucault's Pendulum - a simple device conceived as an experiment to demonstrate the rotation of the earth - was brought to hang suspended 80' from the roof of Lincoln Cathedral, 'Foucaults Pendulum' also being the name of a 1988 novel that touches on the Jesus-Mary marriage.


One wonders why the Collective Unconscious brought this experiment here.

Maybe it has a deeper connection with the fact that the angle shown here at the MM bas-relief over at RLC reveals a hidden angle of 23.5 degrees - the angle of the earth's tilt?

Even more puzzling - what has all this to do with Tibet?



Preceptory Perception

Here is a submission from an eagle eyed reader who has spotted that Temple Bruer Preceptory is contained within a triangle. This is made all the more interesting when we nip a short distance away to the Temple Bruer church.

The Collective Unconscious has, one way or another, provided us with a similar triangle by way of the crack on its doorstep, confirming in synchronicity both the Ancient Wisdom and modern Quantum Entanglement that everything in creation is inter-dependant.


Preceptory Preceptory









Hail Mary's

A selection of images of Mary Magdalene consistently show, either by design or unconsciously, her awful secret - the area of the dagger incision responsible for her demise, the left abdomen.


Mary Magdalene Mary Magdalene Mary Magdalene Mary Magdalene
Mary Magdalene Mary Magdalene Mary Magdalene Mary Magdalene
Mary Magdalene Mary Magdalene Mary Magdalene

Top Row:

A pained Mary Magdalene seen above the Porch at her Rennes-le-Chateau church. Is she giving the game away with a covert dagger?


Middle Row: 

Pic 1: 'Mary Magdalene in Penance,' Pedro de Mena. Polychrome 1664, Mary's left foot is thrust out drawing attention to her left side. Her lips are open not to show she is breathing through her mouth, but taking her last breath. Again, a crucifix replaces the dagger.

Pic 2: Da Vinci's lost 'Mary Magdalene', approx. 1515. Mary in red cape holds a veil over her lower left stomach telling us she is 'veiling' something. Under enlargement, looking through the film at the level immediately above the crumpled garb she holds in her left hand, we can see a faint stretch of scar tissue over her left lower abdomen. The dark folds contained within the piece of red cloth she grasps, resembles a dagger-like shape.

Pic 3: 'Mary Magdalene' by Gregor Erhart, circa 1500, the Louvre. A left abdomen horizontal wound masquerades as hair.

Pic 4: Caravaggio's lost 'Penitent Magdalene' 1606. What appears at first sight to be the ends of hair, hide a blood stain near the folded hands of a pregnant Mary.


Bottom Row: 

Pic 1: Luisa Roldan, 'The Death of Mary Magdalene' 1697. The culprit dagger is show to be a crucifix held by an aghast angel to the left, whilst the small cherub at the front looks directly at the dagger wound at the Magdalene's left abdomen.

Pic 2: The Penitent Magdalene' Francesco Hayez 1833. A dagger incision along the left abdomen is comfortably and casually masquerading as folded flesh.

Pic 3: The crypt of Mary Magdalene at Le Carol, Baulou, France shows a doleful Mary holding a cross into her waist. Closer inspection shows it more to resemble a dagger incising an open wound at her left abdome



Before the Belt

Glen McCullough, an artist and musician from San Francisco, noticed the following - what appears to be the Orion constellation placed within the text of Shakespeare's epitaph.

He explains;

"What caught my eye was the prefix Ori drawing my attention to Orion's Belt made from the neighbouring letter O's.

This pattern continued, forming the whole constellation using only O's. Furthermore, taking to drawing lines adjoining the points brings to light a great diamond.

Also shown here is an image that features, among other curiosities, an acrostic and anagram signature of Sir Francis Bacon."

Preceptory Preceptory



A Joker in the Deck

With Freemasonry appearing to have its earliest origins in Ancient Egypt, then it comes as no surprise that the symbolism of the Freemasonic carving of the Lincoln Imp may might well be older than we think, and therefore no surprise that we find the Imp as a door knocker to their Main Temple in their London HQ.

Are we seeing it here in a French version of the Egyptian Tarot pack card VI: L'IMPERATORE 'The Emperor'? Note the irony of 'Imp' in the title.

Egyption Imp Egyption Imp


Jerusalem Stone

Window of Opportunity

Whether you believe in the Priory of Sion or not, this still looks pretty suspicious, spotted by Dan's roving eye.

The stain glass window crucifixion scene in the South Transept at Wells Cathedral, England.

The word 'passion' in 'By thy cross and passion' is curiously broken into two, to leave the word 'SION' at the bottom left'.



Jerusalem Stone

A Way with the Fairies

In Dan's 2019 World Mysteries Blog 'Fairyland - Airy fairy or Quite Contrary?' he explains how some people can see fairy images whilst others cannot. This is a neurology dependant, involving which brain lobe the user most functions in. Psychologists have their own explanation, that of Pareidolia, which basically informs us that it is simply a case of imagination.

Here is a picture taken at the tomb of enigmatic figure Abbe Gelis, an early involved player in the Rennes-le-Chateau mystery, at the cemetery at Coustaussa. Green Rocks in the valley was an area known by many for 'The Little People'.

Can you see what appears to be a full fairy figure lazing in repose (from left to right) at the foot of the tomb?

Watching the Skies

UFO's, now slowly being re-named UAP's (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena) aren't everybody's cup of tea or interest, but as many of you do know there are numerous paintings throughout history that appear to show modern day representations of strangely unexpected aerial goings on. Here are perhaps the two most prolifically reproduced; 1. The Madonna with St. Giovannino and 2. The Crucifixion (1350) Not to left out, we have a canvass associated with the Rennes-le-Chateau mystery 'St Anthony and St Paul' by David Teniers painted circa 1660 which also contains a strange UFO-like aerial object. Is this the reason why parish priest Berenger Sauniere was so secretive about it? Is this the real 'secret' of RLC, a UFO association?

And if so, with its RLC connection, Lincoln Cathedral then too must have some similarly hidden aspect - is it being unconsciously hinted at here in sculptor Michael Dan Archer's 2002 portal-like 'Between Two Worlds'?

Dan Green witnessed his own aerial encounter with an object in the Rennes valley on April 24th 1986 and, although unsure of the nature of what he was drawn to see, does not accept it was man made.


Madonna and UFO

Mary Magdalene Mary Magdalene


St Anthony and St Paul by David Teniers.

Mary Magdalene


Did Sauniere know ? - a UFO

Mary Magdalene


The Crucifixion. Ufonauts?

Mary Magdalene

'Between Two Worlds'
Lincoln Cathedral's hidden connection with RLC?

Mary Magdalene


The Ghost of Christmas Past? (893kb).


Is The Ghost of Christmas Past Present?

St John's Asylum may now stand derelict but are the dilapidated rooms truly empty or does it still play host to some spectral inmates? Dan recounts an eerie tale of strange goings on and a possible encounter with some Christmas spirits.


St Johns Egyption Imp