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The well of wisdom is fed by a thousand springs and in our quest to quench our thirst for knowledge we have the following contributions from some modern sages.

The Mysteries Decoded - by a Mysterious Decoder

The Tennyson Front Plaque

The following is a short article from a person wishing to remain anonymous.

It offers a full decoding of the Tennyson poem 'Flower in the crannied wall' as seen on the front plaque of the poet's statue in the precincts of Lincoln Cathedral, showing that it is completely of deliberate Masonic handiwork.

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Shakespeare's Accursed Tomb

As with the decoding of the Tennyson Front Plaque, the anonymous correspondent has now decoded the poem at the accursed Shakespeare tomb at Holy Trinity church, Stratford-upon-Avon, again showing how it is clearly of deliberate Masonic design and intent with the use of their key numbers 17, 27 and 33.

You will see in 'Activation Point Earth' exactly how clues emanating from a small church close by HolyTrinity church and further clues within the stain glass in Shakespeare's own church lead us back to the Lincoln Cathedral Code's final location.


In one final contribution, our mysterious decoder draws out attention to the geometry hidden in the message and its masonic meaning

Lincolnshire's Sacred Geometry Landscape

Temple Bruer

Here are but a few examples of the remarkable landscape geometry about the Lincolnshire heath, with the Templars' Temple Bruer at its hub, courtesy of the brilliantly accurate work of Tony Peart at his Templar Mechanics website.

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All Images are Copyright of Templar Mechanics

Dowsers have noticed that their dowsing rods cross at each corner inside and outside of of the Temple Bruer floor space.

Templar Mechanics 1 Templar Mechanics 2 Templar Mechanics 3


The Templars have also held strong links to the mysterious Rennes-le-Chateau, usually in the form of the ever-popular myths of hidden treasure.

Although if one were to think outside the box (or indeed outside the chest) in terms of other than precious metals and jewels, perhaps the treaure could be something a little less tangible.

From the images provided a direct correlation can also be seen when Rennes-le-Chateau is overlayed with Temple Bruer.

The sacred geometry at Rennes-le-Chateau is matched here in Lincolnshire.

The question is, which came first?

Landscape Griffiths

Griffiths Lamb

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Image Copyright of Graham K. Griffiths

Portraiture and landscape artist Graham K. Griffiths (who's work hangs in the American White House Permanent Collection) published his 2003 book 'Behold Jerusalem!' having discovered the 12 signs of the Zodiac profiled in the British and Northern Irish coastline.

His findings revealedan almost 50 mile tall depiction in the British landscape of not one, but two, figures on the Cross, reflecting images I have found in Galicia, Spain.

Jesus and Mary Magdalene? Or are they one and the same person? Jesus' cross was the Cumbrian tip of the one held by the Lamb of God whose heart rests, geographically, upon Lincoln.

Lincoln Cathedral Lincoln Cathedral

Lincoln Cathedral

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Lincoln Cathedral is also a popular setting for tales of mystery, with it's gothic architecture and impish mythology.

The image on the left shows the Earth Energy Vortices present in the Cathedral.

The image of Lincoln Cathedral Sacred Geometry on the right could indeed be considered as mysterious, for it was provided by an anonymous source and reveals some interesting patterns.


How do you like them Blue Apples?

"Grail and Magdalene" authoress Claire Nahmad has, for some time, been investigating a century-old mystery surrounding the little Pyrenean mountain village of Rennes-Le-Chateau. Many will have heard something of it, for in spite of the effort of a range of debunkers, it persists.

The village church, dedicated to Mary Magdalene, lies at the heart of the enigma. Fairy presence has been reported there, sightings of angels, of strange lights in the sky - and an intimation of something darker. Yet those who have visited it all agree that it is a magical place.

The village priest at the turn of the nineteenth century was Berenger Sauniere, and the renown and intrigue of Rennes-Le-Chateau centres on him. He became unaccountably wealthy and celebrated because, it was rumoured, he had unearthed an incomparable treasure, although exactly what he had found remained a secret. The whispers of conjecture spoke of a spiritual mystery, an esoteric treasure that could change the world.

Sauniere had found, within his little parish church, a cache of documents, which seemed to be a conundrum whose solution would lead to the site of buried treasure. However it was not until the 1970's that the clues were at last understood.

Perhaps the most evocative among the clues is the very last one to be cited on the cryptic documents, which reads 'At midday blue apples'. At midday on 22nd July, Mary Magdalene's feast day, the sun's rays struck down through a blue segment of a window in the cathedral and created what was described as a 'dazzling and dappling effect' which gives the impression of blue apples twinkling across the floor!

To read the full story and delve further into the mystery of the blue apples please click the link below.


A Quantum of Entanglement

Best selling author Graham Hancock asked Dan if he would contribute this article to his website and so here it is:

Dan first entangled with the author in 2010 when Graham had asked permission to use Dan's occasional posting name of 'Spearjig' (also employed in some of his Television work from years ago) for the hero tribe in his first ever novel 'Entangled'.

Graham's colleague Holly worked with Dan on the above article. The glyph for the evergreen shrub holly is... a spear.

Entangled indeed it seems.


The Landscape Speaks (1.5mb).

The Landscape Speaks


The Way of the Dragons

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Here is another anonymous contribution, this time from a seasoned and experienced dowser - a brief summary of the prominent Earth Energies in Lincoln that are associated with the Lincoln Cathedral Code

There are two earth energy "dragon" currents, similar in nature to the famous Michael/Mary currents that run between Cornwall and Norfolk, weaving their way through Lincoln. They visit many of the locations associated with the Lincoln Cathedral Code.

The two dragons enter the city from St. Katherine's Priory Church where Queen Eleanor's body was taken. They then proceed northwards, one taking the route of the River Witham and the other along High Street, which is the original Ermine Street.

The "male" or "yang" current makes its way to the observatory tower of Lincoln Castle calling in at two houses on Drury Lane which were once occupied by Thomas Rayner, the person whose name is inscribed on the Marker Tomb.

It then flows through the church of St. Mary Magdalene and the morning chapel of Lincoln Cathedral, which is also dedicated to Mary Magdalene. It then flows along Eastgate, past the Tennyson Statue, to the former Freemasons' Church of St. Peter-in-Eastgate.

The "female" or "yin" current makes its way up Greestone Stairs right to the Marker Tomb. Ignoring the Cathedral, it then flows through houses in Priory Gate and emerges at St. Peter-in-Eastgate where the two currents join at the fleur de llys marker in the Church grounds.

This stone marker is thought to be made up of stones from the former church of St. Margaret-in-the-Close. The two currents merge here and enter the St. Peter-in-Eastgate through a side altar which is dedicated to St. Margaret.

For those craving a deeper insight: a copy of the full project documentation can be downloaded for free with the link opposite .

For users of Google earth feel free to download the KMZ file for the project using this link:
The Landscape Speaks.kmz











Pythagoras Triangulates to Lincoln (487kb).



The Point of Triangles

Our experienced dowser once again happens upon some strange findings, this time on a trip to Scotland early in 2016.

The intention of the expedition was to investigate the claims of dowser David Cowan that an area of central Scotland is effectively an energetic powerhouse taking in detrimental energy from volcanic plugs and fault lines and re-distributing it to places of power throughout the UK. Cowan also claims a similar thing is occurring in the USA.

Whilst reading Cowan's book the a strange scenario started to take shape, but our dowser just noted it down and carried on with the intended research.

However, following a subsequent trip to Ireland the investigator found they were unable to write up any of their notes as this kept rearing its head higher and higher demanding attention.

Through the examination of various monuments and places of power across the globe, it would seem that various points are connected by a series of triangles. Including a connection between Americas Lincoln memorial, George Washingtons statue and the statue of Freedom which may depict a synchronistic connection with the city of Lincoln.

The full findings can be downloaded using the link provided in this article


Lincoln & Cygnus (417kb).



The Swan Flies South for the Winter Triangle

This time our dowser takes an interest in astronomy, specifically the constellation Cygnus, the swan.

Available here is a short treatise detailing the special relationship between the celestial swan and the city of Lincoln.

Once again we see the hand of the freemasons and the ever present triangles in a strange mystery seemingly written in the stars.










A Glastonbury Epiphany

Glastonbury Epiphany


A Map of Lincoln in the Epiphany Window (373Kb).

Epiphany Map


A Biblical Solution to a Glass Code (1.2Mb).

Epiphany Clues


Cracking the Glass Mysteries

Dan's 2014 deductions that lead from the cryptically coded stain glass window at the Langley parish church near Stratford-upon-Avon back to his Lincoln Cathedral Code marker tomb, are further reinforced by a well researched and convincing article from a new contributor.

Dans own deductions can be found in the blog pages of

Meanwhile another eagle eyed investigator has spotted a map of lincoln in this window which further expands on its mysteries and the secrets that it may reveal.

Last but not least we travel to Glastonbury to take a look at another Epiphany window in a little chapel dedicated to Saint Patrick. Here we can see a whole new set of mysteries to unravel in both the Earth and the stars.

All three articles can be downloaded from the links provided here.


Shakespeare sets his sights on Lincoln

Shakey sets his sights on Lincoln

A long-time contributor has submitted a sensational article detailing a fascinating investigation into the Gower memorial

The scene is Stratford-upon-Avon. Next to an ancient bridge spanning the river five fictional characters are grouped together to form a memorial which contains several layers of Masonic style clues alluding to some of the biggest secrets ever hidden in plain sight. Secrets which could rock both the stability of the British Royal family and the Roman Catholic Church.

Meanwhile in Lincoln a Green Man wanders around the environs of the enigmatic Gothic Cathedral uncovering more Masonic clues in his search for the remains of a Red Lady who was murdered whilst pregnant.

The full article can be downloaded here



Shakey sets his sights on Lincoln

Bonnie Queen Mary, A Woman of Stone

One of our regular contributors has submitted this fascinating report on the statue of Queen Mary.

Standing majestically on top of a magnesian limestone cliff in Derbyshire, England and looking down on what is now the busy M1 corridor we find Hardwick New Hall. Built on the orders of one of the richest and most powerful women in the kingdom during Tudor times, Bess of Hardwick, this palatial mansion lies some 33 miles to the WSW of Lincoln.

To the rear of Hardwick New Hall is a wide porch connecting two twin towers. The porch is supported by eight pillars, and is an exact mirror image of that at the front of the Hall.

From the very centre of this porch a statue of a lady looks along a landscape feature which seen from above resembles classic depictions of the Holy Grail cup from which it is said Jesus drank at the Last Supper.

However on closer inspection we see that although the body of the lady faces forwards the eyes are averted to the left thereby looking directly towards Lincoln. Surprisingly the statue at Hardwick is not of Bess of Hardwick, as might be expected, but instead of Mary Queen of Scots.

The full article can be downloaded here



Stars and Stones (2.4Mb).

Stars and Stones


Between a Rock and a High Place

A long term contributor has been investigating the connections between the celestial bodies and their earthbound counterparts

This study incorporates examinations of how the activities of the Knights Templar, Egyption Pharoahs and roaming gypsies have contributed to the building of this conundrums.

Ancient Megalithic culture, religious history and psychic phenomena are all components which may help to unravel these ancient mysteries and bring us to a better understanding of our past and, possibly, our future.